Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Oman Food Festival

A festival dedicated to Omani food, wow. As part of the yearly Muscat Festival, the first Oman Food Festival is held in the Qurum Natural Park from Frebruary 5th. In co-operaration with the Oman Tourism College, the festival will be a showcase of traditional Omani Cuisine. Next to that, a number of the four and five star hotels will present dishes from their international restaurants. The website of Muscat Festival gives precious little information on this event, but you can read a bit more in these articles in the Oman Observer and The Week.

We will, of course, pay a visit to the festival and see if it is as good as it seems. More to follow.


  1. Food glorious food! I fancy trying the Omani takeaway and snacking in the park while watching the laser show, then going a little posh with Moroccan and Iranian on the relevent evenings. Yum yum!

  2. We haven't had time yet to go, but we plan to do so after the weekend. We will let you know!