Sunday, 6 February 2011

Caramel French Bakery

There is a buzz going around in town. Wherever we go we hear people asking eachother if they tried 'that new bakery' yet. They mean Caramel, the French bakery that recently opened in Ghubra. We knew it was coming, so we were excited to try some of the products once the store finally opened in January.

Caramel offers breads, pastries and a selection of food products such as Valrhona chocolate. The bread we tasted was very good, but we got really excited after trying the pain au chocolat. Puff pastry is not something that any of the other bakeries in Muscat master. But Caramel is different. Made with the proper flour and butter, their puff pastry gives you an instant feel of holiday in France. We loved it. The meringue au citron and hazelnut cake were equally good.

Wonderful products, with great attention to good ingredients and detail; Caramel is a very fine address for Muscat foodies. You might struggle to find the store, as its location is a bit of the beaten track, so have a look at their website before you go.


  1. As of today, Caramel has opened an outlet in the Jawharat A'Shatti Complex. A very welcome move, and we hope they will experience busy times!

  2. went there this morning. good variety of cakes and quiche. Sandwiches made to order (limited fillings) coffee mediocre. the cafe has seating for 8. a bit noisy by the road and mosque. but quite pleasant over all.