Monday, 11 May 2009

Restaurant Review - Pavo Real

The urge for indulgement can just as easily be followed by an irresistable yearning for comfort food. Before we moved to Muscat, we had a favourite take-away pizzeria near to our home. They served a wide range of pizzas and pastas, of which we always chose the same: a calzone piccante for Mrs. R and a pizza quattro formaggi for Mr. R. You knew exactly what you got. No surprises, no need for thinking. Easy. Great.

Every now and then we have this urge for comfort food. After a hard day at work, a weekend in the desert, or at the end of a hot and sweaty day. Pavo Real, in MSQ's shopping centre, is usually our favourite pick for such ocassions. Granted, you have to tolerate the hideous live music, but even that grows on you after a while. The Mexican fare is uncomplicated, and quite tasty.

But we have to be honest here. Pavo Real is not really about food. It's about pitchers of margharita and pints of beer. The fajita burritos and chicken enchiladas are merely meant to trigger your thirst, and they do a good job at that. We usually stick to burritos, enchiladas and fajitas, but the menu also offers steaks, seafood and other dishes. We don't care for those. We want to know what we get. Easy. Great. We don't quite know if the comfort is coming from the food or from the mean margharitas, but it works anyway, and that's what counts.


  1. Hi R&R :-)

    I am enjoying reading your blog and will most definitely be sampling some of the wines you recommend!

    My hubby and I love Mexican food and whilst I wouldn't say Pavo has the best or most authentic food we have eaten, their margharita pitchers do go down a treat :-)

  2. You're right, the food isn't top class, but it doesn't do harm either. We like it because it's easy, predictable and... comes with beer and margharitas.

  3. My thoughts exactly :)
    Loving the wine reviews by the way x