Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Store Review - Gourmet Station Dubai

We told you about Gourmet Station in Dubai some time ago. We finally managed to visit the store last week.

According to the website of Gourmet Station we could expect deli heaven. The best olive oils, quality foie gras, a wide array of meat and fish and a stunning collection of only the best cheeses.

Can we say we were just the slightest bit disappointed?

Let's, in all fairness, start with the positive notes. The store looks beautiful, and it is great to see so many quality products lined up. From the olive oil of Nuñez de Prado to the chocolates of Valhrona, everything made our mouth water. There's a good selection of tea and coffee as well.

Now where it goes wrong.

The Gourmet Station website says the following:
"...walk right in to over a 100 cheeses that our artisinal cheesemongers have for you"
Ahem, over 100 cheeses? There were five or six. At most. They were good, we have to agree, but it is hardly what you call a serious selection.
"At the cold cuts counter is a delectable range of smoked sausages."
We would have loved some good sausages. They're among the things we miss the most here. But unfortunately, they were not there. None.
"The meat counter at the Gourmet Station is a veritable meat 'fest' with the choicest of fresh meat displayed for the discerning shopper."
Apart from a notification that wagyu burgers could be ordered from the freezer, there was no fresh meat. Not that we would call meat from the freezer 'fresh'... So much for the meat 'fest'.
"For our customers who demand quality and good sourcing, Gourmet Station has an enviable choice of fish from around the globe (...) Fresh octopus, squids, rock lobsters, mussels, cockles, cray fish, scallops, tiger prawns, and a good selection of oysters also crowd our fresh fish counter."
Sounds great. But again, it wasn't there.

What is the matter here? Does Gourmet Station has so little customers that keeping fresh stock is no longer possible? Whas everything sold out by coincidence? Or is it a classic situation of revving up expectations, without being able to live up to them? We are inclined to think it is the latter.

So, the market for a good deli store is still open. Next time we're in the area we will try this place in Abu Dhabi. They promise us the best cheese room in the Middle East. Let's see if it's true.


  1. Have you ever eaten at Vue? I'm planning to go and can't decide to go for the 7 course 'Goumand' menu or try the 3 course menu. Any suggestions? Can only find 1 or 2 reviews online and they have been very positive.

  2. Yes, we've been there twice. We are planning a review after a next visit. It is, in our opinion, easily the best restaurant of Muscat. We would recommend to go for the 7-course menu. We thought the starters were more creative and satisfying than the main course, and the 7-course menu will give you a very nice display of those. Wine prices are insane, but the sommelier is very good and she is capable of giving great advice of wines to go with each course. Enjoy!

  3. Thanks - that very useful. Will look forward to the review!

  4. The gourmet station at Oasis was the best place to shop back in April when the french GM was in charge and the website was a good description of the place and product offer at that time.Unfortunately,it's now managed by people with lack of passion,knowledge,experience and love for food and as you've perfectly mentioned it shows.That's unfortunate as it's so difficult to find a single good deli in Dubai.

  5. Thanks for posting that, it clarifies a lot.

  6. just read this, as you say, check out jones the grocer in abu dhabi. it is the real deal.

    i work nearby so i'm there frequently. their chicken panino and their wagyu burger are to die for.